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Austin Johnston

Work Experience

Reynolds and Reynolds

Software Developer

Aug 2019 - Aug 2021

  • Worked on a team of developers to migrate a suite of 7 legacy applications developed with native windows handling to a modern cross-platform tech stack utilizing .NET Core, React, Typescript, and PostgreSQL
  • Optimized the deployment process for versioning, updating, and deploying co-dependent packages in the codebase, decreasing deployment time by 80% (from 70 minutes to 15 minutes)
  • Decreased system update time by 95% by designing a new automatic update system for machines running locked down operating systems and completely removing the need for a tech to manually update each system individually
  • Researched and enacted a debugging approach that rapidly lead to the elimination of 100% of known bugs in a class of hard to track down issues resulting from a complicated, multi-process application initialization routine
  • Increased developer efficiency by over 30% on common operations by designing and compiling a suite of 5 DevOps tools to simplify click/command intensive actions in the codebase. These tools achieved widespread adoption by the team and became a requirement for new team members to learn
  • Onboarded 3 new team members, introducing the team's tools, practices, and culture
  • Designed and implemented a total backend overhaul for a large class of network operations resulting in an increase in efficiency of affected network calls by 50%. Additionally, completed this overhaul well ahead of schedule


Software Developer

Oct 2022 - Current

  • Worked with several clients to build small to medium sized applications to suit their needs
  • Developed a desktop application to play audio to a server in the Discord voice chat application
    • Utilizes React, Electron, Node.js, TypeScript, the youtube-dl open source library, and Discord's developer API
    • Supports playing audio from a YouTube video link or a local audio/video file
    • Link to project entry
  • Created a web scraping program for a Russian language corpus website
    • Utilizes Node.js and JavaScript
    • Takes a list of words as input, scrapes the website for all instances of those words and returns that to the user
  • Built a match collator for a popular video game
    • Utilizes C++, MySQL, and the cURL C++ library
    • Gathers a list of game match IDs played by the lowest ranked users in the video game Dota 2
    • Works by gathering match data and player names from the game developer's official API and then furnishing that data with a 3rd party API to retrieve more detailed player skill information where required


AWS Certified Developer - Associate
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